December 31, 2013

'13 Small Vignettes

As 2013 comes to a close, it's time to break out the way back -n- far out machine and remember...

Athletes - Once again my athletes delivered a rousing round of results over the course of the season...

#1 - Team Direct Asia -The boys on TDA put riders on podiums all year long, won some big races in Hong Kong, and even went back and grabbed their 2nd straight Team GC at the Tour de Bintan! So proud of these hard working guys and their comittment to excellence.

Kirk H proved once again that a National Championship is just a question of time and a truly hard enough race with another top 10 this year. How they can call a 5K run, 40K bike and 5K run the "Long Course" is beyond me...but next year we return to Zoffingen Switzerland (pic above), where truly hard men shine over the course of 8+ hours...can't wait!

Eric C made tremendous progress this year, all the way til the errant door took him out in June, but he bounced back and is well on the way to the holy grail of a 300W FTP. He was also a great riding companion and a good friend all year - thanks EC!

Yvonne W took another district title or two and pulled more than a minute out of her PR at Time Trial Nationals. She also took the series overall for her age group at Surf City on her "off season!"

Chris E threw down some pain in the Cat 3's, taking 3 wins along the way, then followed up with a very solid CX season.
Team Ole - A stellar goup of ladies - showed tremendous improvement for a first year club - and they came out to the Tuesday rides EVERY week...coincidence?

I spent some quality time with the Cushman and Wakefield team working on tactics and skills, and they've got another slew on the books for 2014! I'm really impressed with their commitment to rider development - they are having every member of the team take my Advanced Racing Clinic to help them perfect the small details that lead to success - they truly focus on rider development!

Race Team - If last year was a leaner and meaner team than 2011, this year was an hommage to the power of community. We were much smaller, but those who did show up brought their best each week. I am thankful for the commitment of Patrick Kitto, Jamie Willin, Kendra Foley, Darrell Sasagawa and Cliff Lee for coming out to race this season. Thanks guys!

Let's finish off with some comic relief and look at my personal 2013. Matt - By the numbers:
13 - April 13th was the first week I hit over 10 hours for the year.
12 - Long months this year - some great stuff happened, some not so great...but not riding much was a huge part of why this year was particularly tough. Here is the year laid bare:

11 - Years that Sterling Sports Group has been around. Something new is brewing....
10 - Total number of 10+ hour weeks I had for the year - more than the 6 from last year I guess.
9 - times 2 =  18% drop in my FTP "best" for 2013 vs 2012...I should ride mor
8 - (17)8 - my weight at the start of December!
7 - Total number of races I did in 2013 - if I get off my duff and race on Sunday...which I did, finishing last!
*Cross Vegas: 72nd...but an "amazing" 9th in Single Speed
*BASP's One: 11th, Two: 18th!, Three: 11th, and Five: 14th
*Surf City Halloween race: 17th
*NCNCA Districts: 13th (aka last)

6 - Number of weeks I had a 20 minute effort over 285 Watts!
5 - Number of weeks I had a 5 minute effort over 340 Watts!
4 - Actually 4:47 more hours than in 2012, but 3762 fewer TSS points and 487 fewer miles (read way less focused!)

3 - Number of Tubulars I glued this season
2 - S-Works Tarmac's that I now was a warranty replacement (still waiting to be built), the other a great deal from Larry N and the Specialized Junior/Masters team.
1 - Nice new Stevens Super Prestige Di2 Disc CX Bike that I have sitting in my house to build to help make a better 2014!!