February 20, 2008

SNELLING RR Welcome to the first post of an experiment. Technology is so rad that it's always fun to see how I can integrate it. Below is a first version map of the SNELLING RR Course. It's a fun course, very reminiscient of a European spring classic.

Snelling Road Race Course Profile
Lap Distance: 11.7 miles Total Elevation Gain per lap: 190 feet
Min Elevation: 212 feet Max Elevation: 360 feet

Course Information:
This is a classic central valley course. It’s an 11.7 mile loop on closed roads. Though the profile shows a variety of elevation changes and climbs, note that the contour interval is only 25 feet and the maximum elevation gain on any one climb is around 100 feet over a 1.5 mile section.
· Keyes Road has a short sharp climb and is actually the finish road for the Merco Road Race (usually the weekend after)
* Figmund Road: basically flat but the pavement is kinda rough and cross-winds are likely
· Los Cerritos Road: slightly rolling, then it drops down to the creek. From there it starts the “long” climb up to the R turn onto Olsen (there is a slight descent before Olsen
· Olsen Road: flat w/ negligible rollers and one sustained climb of approx 85 feet over a ½ mile (this is the high point of the course). The next 2.5 miles are a series of small rollers before a quick, rough descent to Fields road
· Fields Road: slight climb to the Finish line. Pre ride the course from the corner of Olsen and Fields if you get the chance…

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