March 22, 2008

'99 Road Trip - 1st Installment

I just dug up a write up I did in '99 for a sweet road trip....
Installment #1: Racing Days / Location: Deer Valley, Utah NCS Event

Personalities: Matt McNamara, Matt Meier, Brad Halcomb, Kenny Burt, Mark Weir, Brian Culp, Marla Streb and Lisa, Tori, and Allison (rad CO MTB chicas we met).

Report: After an arduous 12 hour sprint from the bay area the Matt & Matt show arrived at our plush digs in Park City. Brad, Mark and the rest of the gang had come straight across from Mammoth the week before and secured us penthouse accommodations (two Jacuzzi’s, hot tub, 3rd floor views) right across the street from the venue. We had the perfect vantage point from which to watch the goings on.
An hour after arriving we’re in the back of a box van headed to some unknown destination to go downhilling with Brad Halcomb, Mark Weir, Kenny Burt, Brian Culp and Marla Streb. This killer crew, bedazzled in full DH regalia, took to the upper slopes of Park City with reckless abandon. Unfortunately for the M & M show 12 hours of driving, no food and little sleep added up to numerous over the bar excursions within minutes of the start. Of course trying to keep up with Pro and Semi Pro Downhillers on a 3 inch travel FS-XC bike is hard enough without the other considerations. Back to the condo for some much needed food and rest before I headed out to pre ride the XC course. 19 miles later I drug my tired carcass through the door just in time for a delicious dinner!

Down to the race action. I competed in the Expert 30-34 XC and finished a respectable 29th. I say respectable because I had completely blown my self in June preparing for a couple of triathalons and was basically way overtrained when I arrived at Park City. I’d have to say I rode a good race and pretty much stuck to my plan (ride mellow til the 1 hour point then GO!). I rode a sweet WTB Phoenix Ti hardtail complete with Hayes disc brakes, a SID on the front end and a RS suspension seat post to cool off the rear. The bike was flawless. I will no longer ride anything but disc brakes no mater the weight! Thanks to Brad and Mark from WTB for hooking me up with the sweet ride and the killer tires (WTB Experimental Raptors). The combination was perfect and I passed a ton of people on the downhill section of the course, whee!

Notes on Park City: Toby Henderson is OVER! Lisa, Alison and Tori rule for showing us some good eats and great local single track. Pistol Pete is a riot to hang out with and a truly down to earth guy. Don’t mess with Weir when he’s crashing a lot! Sitting on top of the world watching the activity at the NCS is awesome! The lookie-lou’s were in full swing each day from high atop our perch. There are more hot women in Park City than anywhere else in the world!!! We danced with more great looking gals than you can possibly imagine!

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