December 07, 2008

BASP Finals - Coyote Point!!

First off a big - tough guy shout out - to Ed took a chain ring in the calf in his race and let me tell you it looked just about serious when I walked up on him! Oh, ouch..oh my gosh....damn. We got him into the car and off to the hospital for care. I was worried it was one of those 'couple of weeks' kind of injuries....d'oh! Then a couple of hours later I get a text from Mike V saying that Ed is coming back to the venue!! what??? Wow...he's tough. Turns out it wasn't as bad as initially thought. He was even walking.

I had never been to Coyote Point for a race so the venue was a pleasant suprise. ton of technical single-track combined with road race worthy straights and fast sections on the back side. Good fun. Got off to a good start and was ~8th onto the first singletrack. Mike Sayers did a barnstorm on the first hill to come past just before the dirt and was cooking! I actually followed him into the fun singletrack downhill...but i'd been working a little different line and used that to pass him before the tree barrier. The sand ate me up 1st lap...but from there it wasn't that bad - run the first 30yards, mount, ride the rest - and don't eat the bacon! smelled good, tasted good for 3 seconds - then remember the nature of mostly warm bacon grease. Bleeeeach! No water forced me to spit and suffer for the whole of the straightaway trying to clear the taste. I rode the back side barriers the first 4 or so laps...then decided it was a lot more work for not much gain. Was riding pretty consistently with a Scott/Alteeza guy and a Family Cycling Center guy had come up to us going pretty well. We rode the better part of a lap or so together at a pace I was happy with; Somewhere 10-12th with 2 or 3 guys within about 30s. At the start of 3 to go I flatted entering the single track and RAN the entire fun single-track section!! It probably took 5 minutes or so to get to the wheel pit. Bummer...right at that 40min mark again....s'up? Anyway, got a wheel after watching everyone pass me, jumped in and was quickly lapped by Josh and the other top 4 on the last lap....I was ok with not having to do another lap, but was ok not doing another lap too. Overall a pretty good race personally. Quick power details - "Race - 40min" ~325Wnorm/308Wavg...better than last week, but down from the BASP #3 Night Race.

Team wise we had a good day, save Ed's suture safari. The super-juniors..Anthony and Matt V were again on fire with Anthony pulling a 3rd in the race and a 2nd overall in the series - wow, good job Anthony! Matt V also lit up the race finals and the series overall placing 6th today and 9th overall. A really impressive start by these first year 'cross riders....big fun next year!

Anthony D - 3rd Junior U18
Matt V - 6th Junior U13
Mike Sayers - 20th Elite A's -
Bill S - 22nd in 35+B's....and a quick convert to the idea of a Leopard CX rig.
Matt M - 22nd in Elite A's....drat!

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