February 11, 2009

Annnndddd ACTION!

This weekend I'll be sitting in the directors chair, well assistant directors chair, for the Los Gatos Women's Elite Team as they tackle the San Jose Criterium on Saturday and the fabled, albeit reduced, Amgen Tour Of California Women's Race. I'm excited to work with the likes of these ladies. They are all fast, smart, and just good fun. We don't have our strategy dialed quite yet, and I wouldn't tell ya if we did, but suffice it to say that we think we can pull a podium, er rabbit, out of our collective hats. I mean let's look at the crew....
JVM - Jenny is tenacious and fit....
LVG - Super Pro Laura Van Gilder is flying the colors this weekend and will surely be an asset when it comes to keeping the ladies on the sharp end of the field. All that and she'll still finish in the money!
MEA - Shelly Olds gets a lot of, deserved, press and praise on the Nor Cal circuit, but don't think Mary Ellen doesn't know how to dial it up to top tier on command. I've watched her completely SMOKE some talented womens fields. This would be the proverbial feather in her cap....and ME likes a challenge!!
KF - yea, though she be but small, she be fierce! Prime hunter? Set Up gal? Kim Fong will certainly be put to the whip this weekend, and she'll respond glowingly
Karla - she may not be a one name wonder in Nor Cal quite yet..but she very well could be after this race.
Starla - really, we need some sort of Karla/Starla pnemonic here. Don't worry you'll see her smiling face at the front.
Lindsay - she could be the next 'thing' in women's racing 'round here. We tested her last week and her VO2power was AWESOME! Like over 5W/kg awesome..and it's only January.
Erin Dunn - another slayer for the cause...Erin has good fitness right now, lucky Erin.

There are some heavy hitters coming to town for sure. Columbia, Webcor,Proman, Tibco, etc...pretty much all the speedsters. But don't think for a minute that the end result is pre-determined...that's why they call it a RACE!! And anything can happen in a RACE! See you out there

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