March 01, 2010

Hypocrisy Writ Large

I'm sitting here enjoying a ham & cheese sandwhich before I finish my monthly training programs and get after making a sweet skillet pot pit dinner. So I click over to cyclingnews to catch up on the latest....and stumble upon this article about one of my 'favorite' riders - Dirtbag Ricco.

I'll save you the time - he's convinced that the Tifosi will welcome him with open arms back to the pro field because they are simply "not interested in doping." Even more precious is his assertion that he's, basically, in the same boat as Valentino Rossi, who apparently dodged some taxes in the old country. "D"R, referring to himself in the third person (here is a simple explanation of THAT psychologically)says "I don’t think real tifosi are interested in doping. If someone is a fan of Ricco, they still are now, even if he's made a mistake or not."

Uh, well, I guess...except that Ricco was an major dick before the CERA positive (time and time again) and has always been a bit too arrogant for my taste.

Anyway, this post is about Hypocrisy....

The hypocrisy is that he expects exoneration from the tifosi for his actions and 'youth' - yet he dumps his girlfriend and disparages her publicly for the same crime. The kicker - they have a kid together. A kid who will someday get to read his fathers comments and wonder why his dad didn't stand beside his mom in this most crushing of times (I'm not excusing her actions - stupid is the word that comes to mind). Dirtbag - first class!!

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