November 28, 2010

BASP #4 - November 28th

41...not the George Bush kinda 41, the birthday kind. Figuring on ones birthday they should be able to do pretty much whatever they want I decided to spend my birthday at a bike race. Go figure. I fired out of the house at about 7:15 this morning, car loaded with team stuff and me. I got to Golden Gate park just before 8a and had to schlep my tent, etc about 150 yards to our set up spot. We were next to the Vanderkitten squad, run by good friend Jono Coulter. I had about as good a race as I could expect. Not excuses...but not much riding of late, so a bit lacking in the punch and sustainable power. 22nd. Meh.

170. Not lean, but not too bad. Trick is to see what i can do in the next year to lower that number, but toughen myself up. I'm soft I think....lacking in muscle strength and feneral fitness...OMG, I think I need to lift weights! Hmmm...interesting. I haven't lifted since college really - dabbled here and there...but it may be time to take that old man plunge and start lifting again. Oh yea and consistency - gotta have more consistency in this year than last.

This is more of a diary entry than a blog post btw...just wanted to make sure I had a reference point to go back to when I'm 42!

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