February 22, 2013

Belgian Opens

Shortly....a few hours actually....the "REAL" race season kicks off, as it should be, in Belgium. Far more erudite and experienced race prognosticators can walk you through the history, the favorites, and the course specifics.

Me, I'm interested in the spectacle of it all. The new kits, new riders on new teams (well, they are new to me since I haven't read any of the other race stuff this year yet). The narrow roads, the cobbles, the mud and grime and dirt. The snow and cold and cloudy skies. The race.

It's easy to become a bit complacent about the racing after 20 years deep in the sport - another race and there will be one on Sunday. Then they'll line up and do it again all season...but here's the thing, it's about the race. It's the battle that goes on everytime they tow the line. That's why I'll get up early and tune in - to watch the action develop over the last few hours and I'll do it again on Sunday - and I'll love every minute of it!

Here is Saturdays' course:

Omloop Is Punchy!
Sunday we get K-B-K....Podium Cafe has a nice review, including pictures! I'll admit that K-B-K carried more sentimental weight as a younger fan....maybe it was more covered by Winning, so it resonated more. I don't really know the course by heart...but it's straight out of Flanders so it must be meritous!

Video is always fun too....

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