August 10, 2013

Finding The Good Stuff...

Friday Night free time and I'm left in wonder... See, I've got that all-too-common affliction that drives me to follow cycling just about 24/7. As such I'm constantly on the hunt for good, new stuff that's worth reading...and it's a typically unsatisfying exploration most days. Fortunately, there are a few moments of light to be had Steve Tilford - he writes EVERYDAY and probably 80% of them are worth reading. He's opinionated and sometimes runs a rant a bit too far, but he's also very good at showing the inside angle of the sport. I think of him as a cycling savant curmudgeon super hero. Cosmo Catalano / Cyclocosm - He has the most brilliant series of "How The Race Was Won" videos...I've enjoyed nearly everyone, and learned something often times to boot. He sees big picture stuff that often escapes me and delivers it in a way that is effective and laced with cycling nuance. Watch it, follow his strava, check the tumblr - maybe we can generate enough of a following that he can give up the commuter rides that permeate his strava and make a ton 'o cash too! INRNG - Here resides one of the most insightful and inquisitive approaches to cycling commentary. He writes things that are far outside the daily norm, a recent post included reference to epistemeology and the moon landing in defense of Nairo Quintana having not "arrived from nowhere." You don't read that everyday! As Cross season approaches the return of Cycling Dirt starts to creep into my mind! Colt and the gang drop solid stuff all year, but their cross action is the best! It's less about a daily kicker and more about gobs of content with these guys...but I check in every week for the CX Rankings, so that matters. VeloNews - To say I am surprised at the addition of this storied masthead to the list is an understatement. They seem to have spent years wallowing in opinion-as-news mediocrity, but then about 6 months ago a slew of new voices helped to resurrect VN from the also-rans. Guys like Matthew Beaudin, Dan Seaton, and Chris Case are writing actual JOURNALISM with the added benefit of good research, solid sentence structure and even aplomb! Whee... Then there are the classics... Joe Lindsey - Knows more than most, writes better too...I think it comes down to contacts and perception. He's real good at both. Red Kite Prayer - I don't read it as much as I did when they debuted..but the quality of staff makes it worth a visit now and again. I've spoken with Patrick Brady a bit, seems nice enough. I'm less enthused about the move towards regurgitating industry news that seems to be trending on the site. They do best writing those esoteric pieces that resonate...I don't really look to RKP for insight on Felt's new line. Too bad...but I guess they have to keep the doors open.

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