October 31, 2013

A Classic Juxtaposition

I'm a sorta sentimental guy, always have been. I like a meaningful remembrance of time well spent.

A classic example is my poster signed by Tommie Smith and John Carlos from the 35th Anniversary dinner and fund raiser for their statue on the campus of San Jose State University. Unless your daft (no, not Zef) you probably know at least a passable amount about their Black Power protest at the 1968 Olympics. It is considered among the most symbolic acts of the Civil Rights Movement and a bold move that had long term repercussions for each athlete. They were both from San Jose State University, and the Associated Students, where wass the Fitness & Adventures Director, threw a blow out party to honor these fine gentlemen.
It was a great night capped by a personally signed poster from Tommie and John. Awesome! Check it out...

Fast Forward

In November of 2011 I was asked by a friend to come and help out with Team Garmin's 2012 team building day at their winter camp in Boulder, CO. I flew out, ran a couple of stations on group problem solving, and even did a bit of drinking with the team after their media launch (well, maybe more than a bit). It was pretty cool so I took the initiative and had a slew of them sign a team poster knowing that I'd want to mount it as a way to remember the event.

This one sits on the wall opposite Tommie and John. So here's my dilema...I am vehemently opposed to DOPERS and their impact on cycling in the last 20 years, and unfortunately Team Garmin has shown time and again (3 for 1 on that one!), and again, and again that they embrace the dopers even while claiming to be a clean team in opposition to doping. It sickens me that these guys continued to race and draw salaries even after admitting their past. It cheapens the sport and forces me to question every result of every race...and I'm a naive 'believer' in what I'm watching, in the racing...or at least I was..


Do I keep it or sell it?

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