April 15, 2008

Ahhh Mentos, er Mentors...

The purpose of the Men's CAT 5 Mentor Program is to
encourage men to race in a
safe manner. Mentors will focus on safe riding, pack
skills, racing
techniques, gear usage, bike fit, etc. in order to
support novice racers. Mentors will not impact the
outcome of the race, and will be available after the
race to discuss r ace techniques and offer suggestions
to improve. They
will wear orange vests and neutral clothing from
program sponsors..."

Shawn Mehaffey, sage of safe racing, has started up a
Cat 5 Mentoring program for the Nor Cal racing scene,
and of course I signed up to help. Love it all except
the "will not influence the outcome" part...geeze,
where's the glory in that? Oh well, I'm still on board
- it just sounds fun to corner with Cat 5's (which I
never was because I'm too old. why back in my day we
started as 4's already. And we liked it!). I secretly
hope to get to mentor some cat 5 road races - I need
the training, but am honestly scared I can't climb
that fast!

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