April 23, 2008

Todays Ride -

As usual I left late for my ride. The difference is
I'd decided to do the Noon ride so I had to haul a**
to the start. The first 25min were at 270W avg, then I
hit the ride, which went up Old La Honda today!
Thinking I should test my legs I lit it up for the
first few minutes averaging 422W for the first
3minutes and 356 for the first 5min (mind you my LT
power is about 315 right now!). The second five
minutes were 'recovery' at only 320W normalized
average. The third five clocked in at 330W normalized
(thats the avg power if I'd pedaled the same tension
throughout, roughly). All in all OLH was 19:54 at
332Wnorm. Not my best by far, in fact I did 19:21 @
334Wnorm just a week or so back. The difference was
trying to stay with the fast guys today. Of course Ted
Huang just dropped me..he may have even laughed as he
went by (lol...just kidding Ted is way to nice to do
that, he probably waited til he was around the
corner!). Anyway, from the top of OLH I went across to
Page Mill and down - I averaged 298Wnorm for that 1:23
from my house to the top of Page Mill. Now I'm a bit
lethargic and stiff, but it was a good ride. I'll try
to add the power file to the site later...


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