June 18, 2008

Coastal Classic - Day 3

The third day of the "classic" was, perhaps, the easiest 110+ mile days I've done. It's not that it was 'easy' - it's just that it was beautiful and the hardest day was behind us. After a 'meat-fest' at the local chop house in Grover Beach on Saturday night we started off early and rested (sleep was not a problem!). The route was gloriously flat for the first 35-40 miles or so and then we hit this awesome little climb. I felt good, so John and I sped away and just had a good time climbing. From there we rolled into LomPoc (Lom Poke for those that don't know) and had a leisurely recovery stop. Then off to Solvang via a sweet little road that was almost dead to traffic, but full of twists and turns and climbs. Once in Solvang we stopped for a simple, yet delicious, turkey sandwhich and pastry. While eating it was observed that the next part of the ride was 'an oven!' Certainly and understatment as we rode single file on a speed-crazed highway - totally sketchy! Fortunately we pulled off onto our last climb of the day - a very sweet little jaunt that climbed up to a harley-watering hole. From the top of the pass it was a sweet shot down to Santa Barbara and the beach at Goleta! Margaritas, appetizers, and stories filled the afternoon before our sprint drive back home - with requisite stop at In-N-Out Burger, a first for John! Great ride, great group - can't wait to do it again!

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