August 06, 2009

Patterson Pass Road Race

I haven't raced a road race all year - and have only pinned a number on four times in all (3 crits and a track race), so why am I doing a hilly road race? No, I'm not a climber, not even a pretend one, but this course just seems like it might be a good training ride. Climbing, wind, wind, climbing...what could be better at fostering some fitness? Here is the course map:

Looks like about 1500 feet of gain in ~3miles. Sounds like Old La Honda, but we'll see. Strategy? Go early and make 'em chase me (geeze, I hope they aren't all reading this). I figure the Normalized power will be roughly the same overall, so I might as well make it a big time trial. 3 laps of the course should be enough I think. I'll let ya know...

1 comment:

  1. Hi, I saw your post. How'd the race go? I was in Cat 5 and I sucked. I sucked last year and I sucked again. I knew the goal was to stay with the front in the first 3 miles and I couldn't do it.

    I think this is the toughest rr on the ncnca schedule.