February 25, 2014

Weekend Lookback - Long Ride Heaven

This is only about a week late...

Adam was here for a month and it set me on a good path. We rode some long stuff, drank some Belgian beer and tried to set our seasons on the right trajectory....by and large we succeeded. One thing we didn't get done was the "Heart of Darkness" ride - Mia got sick so we had to cancel. It is one of my favorite rides, and is always daunting! Depending on the route you take it can be anywhere from 90 - 110 miles, we'd set out for the 105 option...

but we decided that 95 felt pretty good once we got to the base of Eureka Canyon after enduring a head wind all the way South from Almaden to Redwood Retreat...the better part of 1:50 at 15mph. It's basically the same ride as the 105, but cuts back down to Los Gatos  at Hwy 17 instead of crossing Summit to Hwy 9.
I'd hoped to be at Mt Madonna in 2 hours, it took us 3. Then again the climb up Mt Madonna was pretty awesome, if slow, and full of gorgeous cloud covered beauty around every corner.

Sunday was Clinic Day for the Pen Velo Women's Team and a good time was had. We worked on those close skills that I love so much...and pacelines...and echelons, which they totally rocked at! It worked out to about 3 hours of "on the bike" time..but only about 30 miles.

Monday was a holiday, so I'm counting it! Made plans to ride with a friend - thought we'd do about 3, but ended up north of 4.5 hours, mostly spent tooling around the hills south from Los Altos to Saratoga - all of 53 miles and 5500 feet of climbing. It was a pretty good ride.

We got some altitude!

and I haven't laughed that much on a climb ever I don't think...a couple of highlights that will surely be missed by those reading...

- "You climb pretty good for a fat girl"
- "I'm way harder on others than I am on myself"
- "Big feet make a stable woman"
- "I hate you"

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