March 03, 2014

Weekend Lookback - Ginger

Saturday was the Grasshopper Chileno Valley - as with the 'Ol Caz ride my first time, I mistook the potential severity and duly suffered the last 30 miles. Not a bonk of epic proportions, but surely twitchy legs and worry about illicit cramps at any moment sufficed. Looked good the first two hours though...

See the problem is the start climb, pure suffering...merely a question of how much. I have no idea where I crested the first summit, but I'd guess 80-100 back'ish watching the leaders stomp away. I rode smart and quick to the coast, caught a sweet headwind rotating through with 6 or 10 guys in a group that swelled to 20+ coming into Bodga bay and turning inland. Sorta road around over hill and dale winding south. The climb up Marshall Petaluma is deceptive and windy at the top, but the drop to the coast was pretty fun!

Then the darkness came

especially that little climb at 65 miles. By the time I got to the reputed Joy road I just wanted to get up whatever was in the way of sitting and not moving. Rolling back to my car the clouds moved in and the rain started as if on que...

Sunday was ginger

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