March 25, 2014

Long Time Gone

Let's start with a song...

I don't like a lot of action in my videos

Been a few weeks since I posted - guess I didn't have enough free time and Moscow Mules on hand recently. That and I've not ridden for five days now, so I'm a little stir crazy...

How does it go..

"I may not post often
But when I do
Awesome rules the day!"

My friend Adam commented recently - well February - that my blog posts tend to be rather random, thereby not increasing my coaching heft as they are not "bike" specific, so I may start a "cycling" blog soon, just to push the myth of "Worlds Finest Coach" that permeates my day to day...awesome is tough sometimes.

What, another song? Well, ok...

Now then, something relevant or completely not.

I'm worried for America - stupid permates and seems to grow larger every news cycle. The NRA's opposition to the President's Surgeon General is completely laughable as marketed by the Senate. You probably saw The Daily Show summary - expectedly hilarious to see the hypocrisy of a Senator extolling peoples 1st amendment rights while subjugating the candidates. Yet it will likely succeed as a band of Democrats succumb to pressure and vote against a fully qualified candidate based on a couple of tweets!

Of course, if we follow that up with the pending "Candy Crush" IPO it's an easy track to see the fall of Western Civilization...someone is gonna make millions on a horrid little video game company - although at $4B in revenue who can blame the cash seekers, but it does make you wonder as to our priorities...

Next time - Theory vs Reality

yea, I think I need another blog marathon, I've gotten soft...


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