April 11, 2012

Love and Hate

I love cycling - love it enough that I went and made it my job.

I hate my job - if only from ineptness

I love my wife - she makes me smile most days

I hate my life - when it seems an unending misery

I love my daughter - my one true joy

I hate myself - for failing to reach my own expectations

I love to ride - it is freedom and peace

I hate my bikes - they are never perfect

I love physiology - it's constantly fascinating

I hate technology - unmastered mediocrity in my hands

I love my athletes - they are all good and interesting people

I hate my team - stagnant by ambivalence

I love to go places - a road trip anytime is fine

I hate to leave my house - somedays

I love music - A daily gift

I hate the ringing in my ears - seems worse with stress

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