April 15, 2012

Up Tomorrow - Riding The BMC

Just a quick note to myself* for tomorrow as I am heading out to ride the new GF01 with the crew from BMC and a bunch of real journalists. We're supposed to have access to the engineers and such to get the inside story on the bike' development. As I'm a typically skeptical person (yet optimistic - are those oppositional?), this should be an opportunity to try and learn something interesting and write something worthwhile. I've been kicking around some questions and topics of conversation. Things like trail and bottom bracket drop are of interest, especially for a bike built to perform in races like Roubaix and Flanders, but targeted at "endurance" riders for whom quick handling and stiffness are tertiary goals. How do they balance these two competing markets? What are the pluses and minuses of longer chain stays and a higher head tube outside of what has already been written?

Frankly I was torn over whether or not to read any of the articles out on the bike so far. Would it skew my experience? Would I simply regurgitate what others had written? I think not...but only the final product will tell, so I guess I better make it good...

*Given my vast readership

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