May 14, 2012

Ah, It's Been Too Long

Since I had a good rant/ here goes

Today's Topic #1 - Bike Fit

First off....why does every shop and nearly every Johnny-Bike-Racer think they are a bike fitter? WTF is a bike fitter anyway? Someone who has taken a weekend course that gives you all the "right" angles and set ups? Better still..someone who 'knows a lot" about anatomy and biomechanics but hasn't bothered with an academic course on the subject?

Sure, I know it all boils down to a cash-center, what is it they call those...a revenue stream? Anyway...there is good money to be made on fittings, so that's why they are omni-present in the corner of nearly every local shop, but honest to god, I've heard some of the weakest arguments for bad choices, seen lots of questionable set ups on athletes who come in having already been "professionally" fit by someone else.


 Yep, there are a lot of heuristics that come into play, but lately I've been spending much of my of my time teaching people how to pedal correctly. By the way it's not based on this:
The myriad of problems this presents have been long discussed previously - as well as by me on facebook in a rant against the above pic awhile back...and I don't feel like finding the post click the link and read up on it!

There are GREAT pratitioners - Curtis Cramblett has quite a reputation, Wade @ Spokesman in Santa Cruz does too. Ditto for Julie Bates at Roaring Mouse...and a few others I suppose. I'm not singling out any individuals for scorn...but really, why are you qualified*? Which brings me to...

Topic #2 - Props "Thanks to my coach! I couldn't have gotten here without your help and guidance, your friendship and cajoling!" or "Shout out to my coach, if you are looking for a good one...etc/blah/blah/blah"

I think I've gotten about four notes like that in the past near-decade of full time coaching . It's not that I'm seeking vanity and glory..but maybe just a little bit of props for whatever help I might have provided in getting the upgrade, the break through performance, or the big win.

I mean'll ask for my help, pay me good money, endeavor to follow the well-crafted plan (with adjustments along the way), read my analysis and commentary - and then promptly develop amnesia that it wasn't your absolute talent and tenacity alone that won the day!

Then again...Maybe ego is ruling my world tonight and I just want people to like me!?

Which leads directly to

Topic #3 - The Cool Kid Contingent

My parents divorced when I was in fifth grade and I got myself into some trouble..couple of suspensions for fighting, enough that I squeaked thru to 6th mostly on the kindness of my teacher. I switched schools and suddenly got to re-invent the angry kid who fought a lot into the 'new' kid who ended up with lots of friends. I got to do it again in 7th grade, 9th grade and 10th grade too...always striving to be accepted and allowed.

Once life had settled in during H.S. I found myself friends with most everyone in school, but not necessarily one of the popular kids and that was great! I could talk to anyone, hang out with anyone and still maintain those crucial elements of status -whatever status a sixteen year old with a bike instead of a car might have. But that was sorta the point I think...I never really made it to the upper echelons of high school, or cycling..but I've always had good friends and enjoyed a certain entre thanks to some street cred. But the Cool Kid Contingent would never deign to let me hang for very long - in cycling or H.S. I'm not Rapha cool, Oakley cool, or Specialized cool..and while it bothers me a little sometimes - mostly when the CKC is on full flame of faux- awesomeness that repulses most  (and I'm still not worthy!) - I think I must fit a niche somewhere...The nice guy niche? The mediocre niche? The nearly-edgy niche?  I don't know...but I do like my Twin 6 stuff...just don't tell 'em or they may want it back!

*which may well beg the question "Why Are You Qualified?" - fair question...because I am, call me and we'll talk about it! Probably the Degree (even if it is a stupid BA!), the Anatomy, Physiology, Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Motor Learning, Motor Behavior and Graduate Courses, the continuing education and lifelong fascination with cycling are hints...

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