May 10, 2012

Belgian Training - Week 3

New format! Yep, weekly "Belgian" more of the pedestrian 'daily' stuff! We're real up in here and 'real' only happens every once in awhile.... Anyway - today I went on my mostly-weekly ride with a REALLY long time client, we'll call him JB...and JB likes to ride hard on we do, except this year he's demonstrably stronger and I'm I've had to suck wheel just to hang on for weeks at a time. Or worse..had to modify my effort and 'observe' what he was doing since what he was doing was riding away from me... Now this is all well and good...Jim has come a long way in the last few years and now boasts an FTP that is more than he's earned the right to put the smack down on me as often as he can, but I'm a sensitive little thing and I don't like that he whips me about Unbeknownst to me - JB had recently gone from the Bay area to Santa Barbara on his annual 3-day soujourn....something like 95 miles on day 1, 150 on day 2 and a mere 100 on day 3...good ride, but tiring long story short - he was still a bit tired and since I'd taken yesterday off I was pretty fresh...hehehehe Today was over-unders - which was not on the training plan designed for me...but I thought i'd try to blow doors on some awesomeness for him. Hope he approves. Anyway it's about like this: 60m at 290/330W for Jim and, supposedly 270/315 for me since I figured I was about 290FTP...but I went a bit better than planned...
Yep - 307Wnormalized with the last 5+m at 335Wnorm...felt pretty good too, even as it felt horrible'ish Tomorrow we're back on it - more structured stuff from the coach, til he sees today's awesomeness and ramps me up...uh, maybe I shouldn't live off ego so much

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