May 01, 2012

Belgian Training - Day 7

Today I actually rode my bicycle OUTDOORS for all of an hour and ten minutes!

Felt fat and's the 411:
Time: 1:09        TSS: 91      KJ's: 850 Best 60m effort was a paltry 223Watts on average...but a whopping 271W normalized! Must be the extra kilo's I'm toting around...

The real fun was the EMERGENCY STOP at the bottom of a 45mph descent. I'm ripping along at about 38mph into a R turn (yea, thru a stop sign)...and this JEEP decides to STOP dead in my way...


managed to avoid him...we traded some shouts and blame..then we actually talked! Talked about whos fault (mine) and why we each decided what we was pretty cool. Doug is a bus driver and good '83 Scrambler that I didnt' run into. I wasn't scared, just agro for having to shut down so fast when I was cooking for that corner. Here's the screen shot from strava: well it's down at the moment and I'm i'll post it up when its available.

A real bike ride, sweet

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