May 04, 2012

Belgian Training - Day 9 Beastie Boys Edition

I talked to my new coach - all motivated now! Enough so that I went to bed by 10p and got my 7.5 hours.

And onto other stuff....

The Beastie Boys Adam Y died today. He was 47 and I am shocked! Haven't really followed the band over the last few years...didn't even know he had Cancer...but that doesn't change the seminal impact of the Beastie's on my life. I'm sure there are thousands of others, millions perhaps, for whom the Beastie Boys continually spoke an anthem that resonated...

Fight For Your Right....To Party! It was the embodiment of all that teen angst, rebellion and wild living for a high school kid in Colorado Springs - conservative central. I bought the album and proceeded to annoy my parents to no end, loudly, and from the basement. Yep, Licensed To ILL was a staple

Then they hit out with Paul's Boutique, which I liked but grew to LOVE over the next two decades...especially while living in Arizona in 1989 - riding and racing with lots of free time to rock out in the 1 room hovel I shared with a friend. I guess I got lucky because soon enough it was the only thing I listened to and "Licensed To Ill" started to look sophomoric (although I still listened to it a bunch). B-Boy Bouillabaisse has to be in my top 10!

Beastie Boys - B-Boy Bouillabaisse from oli_mac on Vimeo.

Check Your Head - with its reverb and feedback mixed cacophony..wasn't on my list at first...but I got lucky and found the bounty of the album eventually...probably thanks to long conversations with Mary Jane.

Ill Communication - what can you say? I think "Root Down" is my all time favorite song

Hello Nasty - well, they don't have "Dr Lee PhD" available on we'll default to "Dedication" and this  sweet mash up: Sorry Gotta Click It - but worth it even if it's incomplete..

That was the last full album I bought..but I can assure you I'll be getting the others this weekend.

I can't begin to list the situations in which I've jammed Beasties....from bike rides to snow days, studying to partying it was a near constant companion throughout the 90's. Mix tapes for girlfriends, motivation for time trials. LOUD!

Thanks Beasties for it all...

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