May 03, 2012


I've been watching YouTube lately and yesterday I ran across a host of crash videos, 'cause they're always fun right? I juest....Anyway, watching all these crashes - primarily cat 3,4 and 5 races ironically (or not), I've seen tons of guys - most of the guys - sprinting on their hoods, riding around on their hoods, generally demonstrating really mediocre technique! Examples you ask....

well, ok...

Exhibit #1:

Where to about the tall guy who almost takes himself out crossing wheels on the straight away - that happens far too often. Then a little later THE SAME GUY dives WAY inside before the turn - then slams on the brakes - not because of the crash, but because of a bad angle into the turn...pretty much the only thing that saved him from crashing I guess...but that kid needs to work on his skills ALOT!

Whereas this guy had no chance, but can't really blame anyone but himself...

If you compare the two above with the Pro 1/2 field you'll notice they take a much different line out of the corner..the faster and safer line at that

But let'' wrap up today with a look at REAL hanlding from the 2012 World Keirin Champs..amazing skills!

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