January 14, 2014

Camp Started Today... and Airplane photos too!

Camp started today - well, in as much as my friend and athlete Adam Carr arrived in town yesterday and we've committed to riding a LOT while he's here, it's a camp to me!

Here was todays ride:

Of course one of the coolest things was picking him up at the airport because I got to see these awesome little models of truly cool and famous aircraft. The stories of each didn't really photograph well, but as I understand it they are part of a collection originally housed at the Nut Tree Restaurant, but recently acquired by the SFO Museum - they are each a very unique aircraft and amazing to look at


This one may be my favorite...so elegant!

It's estimated that over 90% of all military pilots up to WWII trained in the Jenny!

First plane to fly coast-to-coast non-stop!

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