January 29, 2014

Weekend Lookback (albeit late)...

Monday came and went in record time thanks to the Birthday of my little one....we ran around and had fun!

Then again we spent Friday and Saturday running around and having fun too. Friday consisted of running around to collect gifts for her Birthday party - not sure when giving gifts to party attendees became the norm, but it seems sorta on the lines of "everyone gets a medal." I'm not a fan of wild gift giving to kids that, in general, have most everything they could want to begin with - and mine certainly qualifies. Instead we asked for a donation to the animal shelter project that her Girl Scout troop is starting, but she still got a bunch of stuff anyway, but I digress...

So Friday - we got some gift bag items - about $2.00 per bag of erasers, small rulers, pads of paper, bouncy balls, that sort of thing. I thought it was a pretty creative expression on her part; well meaning and somewhat practical.

Saturday was the party - Karaoke with 10 girls was hi-larious and I actually knew many of the songs. Mia and I sang a hawt duet of "Pumped Up Kicks"...for those who forget, here ya go:

We ate pizza, drank apple juice "champagne" and ate ice cream cake...good fun. From there we headed North to the Cow Palace for the Golden Gate Kennel Club's annual show. It was kinda boring - sitting around watching various "dancing" dogs and such, but then we wandered into the dog staging area about 4:15p and thing picked up immensely. We saw maybe 30 different breeds and spoke with a bunch of owners who were very gracious in sharing knowledge and free pets of their pets. A couple of shots:

Sunday was the fourth installment of the Early Bird Training Series, so I spent the day talking safe riding and pack anticipation. I also shot a video or two...

Rolling Double - to - Single paceline

Rolling 3 abrest to double paceline

After the race I headed over to the Team Ole Racing launch BBQ, just in time as I hadn't really eaten all day! Chicken, salad, and a few (ahem) dessert items were just the precursor to the nights main entertainment...

Single Malt Scotch

See, Colleen's husband Kevin knows a thing or two about the stuff, while I know nothing. He offered to educate me a bit and hauled out a solid row of samples for the task...I tried four different ones. The Laphroaig (smokey and peety), Balveny's (smoother), Dalhwhinnie (Kinda Caramel-y), and a fourth that was the most pleasant, but which I can't recall the name of. Learned a bit about single-malt scotch, namely that water to cut is FINE...which worked out since I had to drive home that night. All in all it was a fun experience - but I'm not rushing out to buy any new ones quite yet...more of a Gin man myself!

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