January 14, 2014

The Weekend Lookback

Ahhh, the weekend!

US CX National Champs - bet it was fun to be there. I had some friends win, and it sure feels nice to cheer them on, even from 1500 miles. It may be a myth of FB, but it seems that one can connect more easily with their periphery - people that are casually acquainted or important, but if you want to reach out to them - done. There's probably some ruling or edict with regard to contacting those who don't want you to contact them, but that's not this...

Clinic - I mentioned the clinic on Friday. Saturday we had 15 riders show up at early o'dawn thirty to rip around as a team. Overall, a massivley productive time for coaches and riders, at least I hope. From sod:

 To pavement -

these guys were in the gutter, sliding around and learning to talk to each other. Honestly, it's fun to rip around on the gutters - but the scrimmage component it the fun stuff. Though still a work in progress, I can see a nice potential for running race scrimmages as a stepping stone to tactical accumen.

From there I happened across the Silicon Valley Tri Club's Annual shin dig...completely by chance. Upon entering, who'sfirst person I meet? Carin the President, we won't discuss why she was the first I met, but she was funny and fun to talk to for a few minutes....gotta drop that tire pressure though girl! 90-100 tops on a 25mm rim!
Keep It Real, Carin
Old school - 120psi for ride around tires? Nah, roll lower and reap the handling benefits and ride comfort...trust me on this one.

Sunday morning dawned crisp and the drive to Early Birds jumped off with the Vincent Black Lightning song:
if nothing else, jump to about 3 minute to see the solo....nah, spend the 3:00 to listen....

That was the start of my day! It only got better from there...though cast as "Really Rad Rider", a  racer wanna be who had no real role, was seemingly farcical. I did enjoy the riding around and watching he different groups working on their skills.Of course the Chipotle after was great while catching up with Chris from JAM Photo..who's work is quite good!

From Friday to Sunday it was a whilrwind of serendipity and fun...can't wait to see what this week brings...

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