January 10, 2014

January 9th - Today I Rant

Ok, this is pretty sordid, but here goes...

The rise of vaugebook has ruined the World. Honest to gawd, by the time I finish catching up with all the posts about cats, anti-semitism, Chris Christie, Obamacare, Guns and Ducks and the perils of texting while driving, I've wasted hours of my day when I could have easily wasted them playing video games or riding.
A small sampling of recent random stupidity - most of which I laughed at out loud btw - 


There is a battle royale brewing in the FatBike vs Anit-FatBike Universe! First, The - I'm pretty much sure self titled - "Angry Single Speeder" wrote an accurate, well researched  and insightful investigation of the trend on MTBR.com, which I'm too lazy to link too, but not too lazy to steal a screenshot from - which I don't think is illegal so here goes:

For this he was roundly praised (yea, I posted this 'cause I was first to comment, twice..):

it was a solid stance...BUT THEN A RETORT from the wise guys over at Bike Rumor, specifically Zach Overholt (who I don't know, so I can't really pick on..except he likes fatbikes). They even went as far as offering a social conscience at the end - see commentary for extra hilarity (gee, wonder if a lawyer was involved)!

And of course there was a chorus of supporters - thereby affirming the idea that people tent to read and comment on things that support their original position, rather than those that do not:

This one pretty much answers itself if only because A.S.S is much funnier, and fat bikes suck...

Then there was CX Nationals - lots of great racing the past couple of days, but this cracked me up:
A couple of these fellas seem a bit high-strung for single speeders - secret gear? WTH is secret about your gear choice on the STARTING LINE? Anyway, the guy who won seemed pretty good natured and easy going...good on him.

Shout out to Mo Bruno Roy and Henry Kramer for their big wins!!

Of course there was any number of political upset today ranging from Chris Christie's debacle...which surprisingly I have not heard referred to as "Bridgegate" yet (yet), to the antisemitism rampant in the world of education as dutifully explained by Charles Karuthammer, who does a great job of re-arranging and ignoring facts to frame his argument that any questioning of the Israeli Governments treatment of the Palestinians is both antisemitic and misses the opportunity for even greater condemnation of countries like Syria and Iran (who do way worse things of course). Why are these boycotters picking on a democratic US ally? So unfair to question bad policy....but I can't really say anything about it or I'm being antisemtic, rather than just anti-Israeli Government policy, a narrow thread to navigate it seems, so I'm gonna skip right over it...

With 2 minutes to spare....whew, I feel better.....I think I'll try this again next Thursday!

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