January 07, 2014

January 7th - Today I Ate

New Year - New Me, or whatever...I weighed 175 pounds on Jan 1, which is seemingly my new set point unfortunately, so I downloaded a "fitness app" - "My Fitness Pal" to be specific. I can track all sorts of stuff on it..mostly food intake and exercise. Well, I'm lazy so getting me to log stuff is probably a challenge after about three days. Truth be told it's been a challenge until today and I'm not all that confident about tomorrow...

Anyway, I have some staples in my diet, like most people, and being somewhat health conscious I think I do a pretty good job of managing my intake/expenditure (well, clearly not as I added 10 pounds pretty early on last year and haven't gotten rid of it yet)...I'm sure my caloric mix is right in line with that long-standing gold standard of 60% Carbs (CHO), 30% FAT (FAT) and 10% Protein (PRO, novel eh!?).

So for kicks, let's look at how some of those staples stack up

The Infamous Matt-Muffin! This is a total favorite, had one today....I eat it almost every time I'm doing a long ride, it just sets the day off right when paired with a cup of coffee. Looks about like this:
I recently guessed it at ~500Kcals on Facebook
Today I dropped in all the nutrition information from the handy little bar code scanner on my "Fitness Pal", so let's go to the tape:
  • 1Trader Joes Hash Brown Patty -   130cal, 8g FAT, 14g CHO, 1g PRO
  • 1 slice Oat Nut Break,  -                110cal, 2g FAT, 20g CHO, 4g PRO
  • 1 oz Deli Fresh Black Forest Ham    25cal, 0.8g FAT, 0g CHO, 4.5g PRO
  • 1 XL Egg                                         80cal, 5g FAT, 0g CHO, 7g PRO
  • 1/2 oz TilamookCheddar Cheese      55cal, 4.5g FAT, 0g CHO, 3.5g PRO
  • 1 Tbsp Pure Veg Oil                       120cal, 14g FAT, 0g CHO, 0g PRO
TOTALS:                                                520cal, 34.3g FAT, 34g CHO, 20g PRO

...but here's where it goes south:  58.7% FAT -  308.7cal
                                                    25.9% CHO - 136cal
                                                     15.2% PRO - 80cal  
....uh, oh! My favorite ride breakfast of all time is almost 60% FAT! Dear heavens, not a good start!

Ok, I can bear one more I think...

Cereal Rocks!
Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal and Milk - name a cyclist who doesn't like cereal and I'll show you a triathlete! Ok, I'm kidding...but most everyone loves cereal that I know. I eat it pretty regularly for lunch and/or dinner, so here goes

  • 1 Cup Honey Bunches of Oates Cereal   162cal, 3.1g FAT, 32.5g CHO, 2.5g PRO
  • 1 Cup Non Fat Milk                                 86cal, 0.4g FAT, 11.9g CHO, 8.4g PRO
TOTALS:                                                        248cal, 3.5g FAT, 44.4g CHO, 10.9g PRO
...which mets out to:    12.7% FAT -   31.5cal
                                  71.6% CHO- 177.6cal
                                  17.5% PRO -   43.6cal ...better, but still a bit skewed in the end.

Now, this is, hopefully, an extreme example - Most days I have a bagel and cream cheese for breakfast, not great but not quite 60% fat. Then again, I think I may have found a place to do some additional work, and I'll be looking into some more of my 'regulars' for certain!

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