January 21, 2014

Two Quick Thougths

Yep, it's late and I should be sleeping.....however, two things caught my eye in their semi-glazed state....

1. bike racing is STUPID! VeloNews posted up the "10 Best Climbers Of All Time" and a raging debate ensued over whether EPO dopers were somehow less credible than amphetamine dopers across time. The silly part is that we glorify DOPERS for their epic tales and efforts because that is the "history" of this stupid sport....how hard can someone push their body, how many rules can they break to win - because winning is the only thing that seems to be on whatever list is put forward. "No, Lance is No1 b/c he beat dopers, no Merckx is No 1 cause he only doped a little..." WTF is wrong with us?

2. Science Trumps Stupidity - Quit posting your inane articles about the end of global warming, the war on christianity, or the rise of nuclear winter in the oceans from www.myopinionisfact.com - if it doesn't have a solid peer reviewed perspective I don't want to hear the silly diatribe. The shit that gets floated across the internet and FB as "laid-in-stone-gawd-damned-fact" is pretty irritating, the more so when it's pulled from mediocre resources and passed off as intelligence. You're not smart for posting someone else's bad opinion, for fucks sake....

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