January 10, 2014

Januay 10th - Today I Thank Gawd That's Over

I've been pretty solid on the blogging thing so far, logging something on or about every day this year, but I'm pretty glad to end my  experimental "Today I...." blog headers ...it was an experiment that became a bit tried after the 4th or 5th iteration. So, from here forward I'll have to come up with actual titles for my posts!

I haven't ridden yet, but I have been super productive - largely on the heels of a Johnny Cheetham's FB link about procrastination - hey, that's me!

I thought I might conduct a little trial of the theory today...except I didn't want to do whatever it was they suggested. Something to do with Forests and Playlands.

different flow, flow...
So, tomorrow I have a SWEET "Advanced Racing Clinic" with some local speedsters. I've done a bunch of these and they are always fun, lasting the better part of all day. We bring out the moto, a batch of cones and drills, break out the keg and go to it...

This of course requires planning and diligence to pull off without seeming inept, an ass, or both. Which of course I had done none of until about 3 O'clock today. I think the article called it my "Distraction Monkey" or something, but the truth is I had procrastinated so much stuff that I had a list of DEADLINES bigger than Curious George could overcome and his buddy "Anxiety Monster" called from the cab on the way over.

That's when something interesting happened

See I think those of us who are procrastinators are really just misunderstood hyper freaks who simply seek the comfort inherent in the flow state that ass kicking brings us.  When I get after getting after my insolence I feel driven, directed and seriously Zen moving through the process, along with intermittent terror and dread.

It's not that I just get the little doodads from storage for the face-plant drill, or send the pre-event email (late and quite abbreviated though it was), it's that I'm focused on the process and planning the days events to try and have the best learning experience, the most fun, and the least flow interruption possible.

It's basically the same state of mind I'm looking for when I ride. Things just came together nicely. I didn't have to stress too much, just pull the right levers, catch the chutes and enjoy the process. I'm pretty sure the Gin & Tonic at 630 helped too. I'm not done - far from it actually, but it'll be cool...

ok, more pictures next time if you like that sort of stuff...

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